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Our Promise

Caring Touch ensures all our patients, and their families, that we will provide quality, personalized healthcare services tailored specifically to each patient’s needs. Our caregivers will show the utmost care, respect and integrity with each and every patient, all with the understanding that they should be treating the patient as they would a member of their own family.

Our Services

At Caring Touch, we not only strive to meet the needs of the elderly, frail, disabled, ill and post-surgical patients, but we strive to offer respect, companionship and care to each and every individual seeking health care services. Whether a patient requires accompaniment to physician’s appointments, home making assistance or even foot care, we have a professional who specializes in each patient’s health care needs. We are dedicated to providing each of our patients with personalized care tailored to the unique and individual needs of your loved one, while providing the assurance that they are safe and happy even when you can’t be with them, giving the patient and family peace of mind.

Our Mission

Caring Touch is dedicated to the provision of excellent care for those who need it, to enable them to live comfortably in their homes for as long as possible. Our aim is to become supporters in all dimensions of physical, mental, and emotional well being of the individual while striving to enhance independence and comfort. As employers, our goal is to foster a friendly work environment with a goal of innovation and high integrity.

Our History

Caring Touch is a health care company that began operations in 2012 when a team of two seasoned nurses embarked on a journey to positively impact the home based geriatric or ailing population through quality care.

Health Care Services Vancouver
Health Care Services Vancouver

Simmi Khanna, LPN. 

has been a nurse for over four years, has served in a hospital in the Fraser health region as a staff nurse in a rehabilitation unit consisting mostly of geriatrics, and has an intense passion for empowering the frail individuals at home towards a safe and comfortable living.

Joy Nwalie, RN-MS

is a nurse with multiple years of experience in the cardiac intensive care unit, hospice care, and case management services, desires to utilize her expertise of detailed care towards making a sound difference for the population needing help in a home-based setting, here in BC.

Together, the two’s decision is to make a memorable impact with the utilization of the personal touch using their background and experience in nursing to enhance the lives of the home based individuals. Their plan is to sow back into the community they reside in, which is Maple Ridge, BC as well as neighbouring communities around them with the sole aim of touching where no one else has touched and going the extra mile to show that home based management can still be trusted for the individuals that choose it and for the loved ones that need to be at ease. With the personal vision of the founders, Caring Touch is not just a home health business, but strives to be a home health service that spreads sincere love and care.