Affiliated Services

At Caring Touch our affiliated services are rendered by collaboration with Mountainview Wellness Centre. These services include (and are not limited to) the following:


Our Dietitians have the sole aim of promoting nutritional health. They are dedicated to providing quality client-centered nutritional assessment and counseling as required by the clients. They can offer home visits and phone consultations and can easily arrange personalized meal plans, specialized diets and menu/recipe analysis as needed.


Our counselors are specialized in providing confidential counseling to clients from different backgrounds and cultures with a variety of counseling needs. Through this service, client can gain comfort in discussing their concerns and can examine situations causing them increased stress. Psychological testing and diagnostic services, behavior management/treatment and individual therapy for issues like anxiety, depression, stress and anger management are provided. The aim is to help clients gain better control of their emotional/therapeutic needs and allow them develop better understanding on how to deal with their situations.

Physiotherapy & Rehab Assistance

Physiological and rehabilitative assistance (active and passive) is available for those patients who need assistance regaining their physical control of bodily functions or movements, and require the assistance of at-home assistance. Our caregivers can provide assistance in performing at home rehabilitative exercises and supplementing the at-home care of physical therapy. Our caregivers provide additional information to help ensure that rehabilitation is progressing and that the patient is demonstrating improvement in control and movement. Patients can elect to have caregiver assistance as needed or on a set daily or weekly schedule.