CLBC Services (Community Living BC)

As part of our goal to provide the caring touch you and your loved ones deserve, Caring Touch provides services recognized and certified by Community Living BC (CLBC). These services include the following:

Contracted Respite

Our aim at this service is to provide your family with a break from the challenges of caregiving. The service may be delivered in the family home, or within the community. We (Caring Touch) will be responsible for recruiting, screening, monitoring, and paying for the delivery of the service.

Home-Maker Support Service

Home-maker services are available to individuals who require basic housekeeping services or temporary personal care to successfully live in the community. This service may also be accessed by those who provide ongoing, unpaid residential support to an adult with a developmental disability.

Home-Based Community Inclusion

This service is designed for individuals who require ongoing support to participate in community in a meaningful way. The service operates within the individual participants’ homes and is usually offered according to an established schedule . This will allow the individual(s) to participate on a part-time or full-time basis.

Staffed Residential Services

Within staffed residential, Caring Touch provides support for daily living to individuals or groups of individuals by a team of trained staff who rotate through the home according to an established schedule.

Supported Living Service

Supported living is a residential option that provides individuals living independently in the community with assistance in daily living. Caring Touch provides this service to individuals who own, lease, or rent their own homes.

For more information regarding these services kindly visit the Community BC website.