General Services

In-Home Support

Our caregivers are trained and specialize in providing health at home services for patients who need minimal home health assistance, including management of medication and assistance in creating a safe and healthy home for the patient. Health at home caregivers help to ensure that patients are following through with physicians’ requirements and health recommendations.

Nursing care

Patients who are in need of skilled nursing care can rely on Caring Touch caregivers to handle all the special needs of each patient. Nursing care includes health care management, medication and pain management, wound therapy, diabetic care, IV therapy, immunizations and more. Nursing care is available to the elderly, recovering patients, disabled and dementia patients who require at home medical care and supervision.

In-Home Foot care

Caring Touch professional caregivers also offers foot care for all patients who might require additional attention to their feet, including circulation massages, ingrown toenail, callous and corn care as well. Patients are taught how to properly take care of their feet on a daily basis should they chose on occasion services, or services can be rendered daily.

Personal care/Activities of Daily Living

Personal care is also provided through Caring Touch caregivers for elderly patients, disabled, recovering individuals and dementia patients. Personal care services include a variety of daily necessities including toileting, dressing, bathing and more, as required by the patient.

Companion services

Because we all need companionship, the caregivers of Caring Touch are able to provide companionship through daily activities, outings throughout the community and even for patients who are in the hospital or a nursing center. Companion services ensure that patients are never alone and have someone to keep them company.

Home making

Caring Touch provides homemaking services for the elderly or patients who require assistance in cleaning their home, whether it is on a daily or weekly basis. Preparation of healthy meals is also optional for those who need assistance in the kitchen. Laundry service can also be elected for those patients who require homemaking services.

Caregiver relief/Respite Care

For those patients who have a caregiver already, but need additional care during off times, be it nighttime or weekends, Caring Touch features caregiver relief that can ensure the patient is always accompanied in the event of emergencies or needed care. Respite or vacation care can also be arranged in the event that prolonged caregiver relief is required for an extended amount of time.

Accompanied visits & Errand Services

Caring Touch caregivers can provide patients with accompanied visits to physicians or pharmacies to ensure that all medical information is understood and that medications and treatment is obtained and applied at home. Patients can also elect to obtain errand services, such as grocery shopping, dry cleaning pick up or drop off and more, based on the patient’s needs.

Palliative Care

Finding quality care to deal with the daily symptoms that long-term serious illnesses often bring can be difficult, especially for someone who has a terminable illness. For that reason our caregivers specialize in providing palliative care for our patients who may be suffering with daily pain, stiffness, difficulty moving, breathing and even eating. Caregivers can provide all the necessary personal and medical care to ensure that the patient is comfortable and feeling as well as possible for any amount of time.

Based on the illness and the needs of the patient our caregivers are more than capable of providing these services based on a set schedule or as needed. The comfort of patients is a priority, and our caregivers are dedicated to providing a painless, personalized care in order to make the final days as comfortable as they can be.

Live-in Care

For those patients who require 24 hour live-in care, the professional caregivers from Caring Touch are more than capable of working out in-home care at all times. Live-in caregivers can not only provide medical and personal care, but they can also provide housekeeping services, errands and make great companions to those who need constant attention. Based on the specialized needs of the patient additional services can be provided, such as foot care, accompanied medical visits and more.

Hospital Sitter Services

While admitted to a hospital it is impossible for nurses to remain with a patient for 24 hours of the day. For patients who might need a little more personalized attention in a hospital or rehabilitation center there are Caring Touch professional caregivers who are dedicated to providing companionship to the patient. Additionally, these caregivers can help with personal grooming, feeding and other services that otherwise might prove difficult for the patient.

Hospital Discharge Package

As anticipatory as a hospital discharge can be, it can often feel like you spend your day arranging follow-up medical services and filling out paperwork, which is often too much for a patient to be able to accomplish. The Caring Touch caregivers are able to help in the process of scheduling delivery of home medical equipment, arranging home and personal care assistance and ensure that the patient is released in a medically acceptable state for home care. These professional caregivers are also able to help ensure that your home is ready for your arrival and that you have comfortable and reliable transportation from the hospital to the patient’s home. Caregivers are available after discharge is completed for questions regarding physicians requirements, follow-up care and more.

Medical Supplies & Equipment

The Caring Touch professional caregivers specialize in in the medical field, therefore we are qualified to help our patients with recommendations and obtaining some of the necessary medical supplies and equipment that can make their daily life easier.

We can help find appropriate walkers, wheelchairs, canes and mechanical lifts for easier mobility, and help to identify home safety products that can prove beneficial to the patient. Other household items that ensure the safety of the patient, like reliable grab bars, incontinence products and bath safety products, can also be located and caregivers can help to schedule installation and delivery of products.

Personal alarms services and delivery of medications directly to your home can also be arranged through a Caring Touch caregiver, they can help to ensure that your prescription refills are at your doorstep when you need them. Our professionals even help to identify the products and services covered by your insurance or available within your budget.

Mobile Hairdressing

Hair care is an integral part of an individual’s life. Our mobile hair dressers who are thoroughly experienced and with high customer ratings provide for the most convenient hair care service in the comfort of the client’s homes. With variety of hair styles and products, the client’s hair care needs are met to the patient’s greatest satisfaction.


Our services at Caring Touch is available for clients in New Westminster, Tri-cities, Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows, Missions, Abbotsford, Langley and Surrey.